Reading Documentation

The easiest way to read the documenation is to know what the text means!
Let’s take a random API as an example. Head on over to since that will be the example we use. Don’t get overwhelmed, the page you are seeing is a description of the Humanoid object and any other information you should know about it. Everything else below that is the stuff we use for scripting.

The Contents Side Bar

The Side Bar on the right-hand side you’ll see it has all the sections( Properties, Events, etc) with words under those sections. I’ll quickly teach you how to read each section as it’s not complicated at all.


Let’s take this property as an example:

The green text is the type that the property accepts. There are a lot of types especially since Roblox implemented their very own custom ones. If you don’t know what type that is or how to create it, you can simply click on it and it might take you to the another page similar to this with properties and methods.


Now to give you a quick rundown, the different types are Strings, Bools, Tuple, Table, Int, Float, Void
Strings are quoted text
Bools can only be true or false
Tuple is a pair, both can be of the same type or different.
Table is a key-value pair with data in it (if you don’t know what this is, read
Int is a number
Float is a number with a decimal point
Void is empty or nil
Again, these are not all the types. Just the ones that are most commonly used and in the Lua language by default.


Function are a bit different. Although they do have the type on the side, it doesn’t represent what the function accepts. It instead, represents what the function returns. The arguments (the ones inside the parenthesis) follow the same rule as the properties, that is; the type it accepts followed by the name. The name for arguments is just a quick way to give you a glimpse of what that arguments is used for. (if they are given a descriptive name, like they should)


There is nothing different about these. But i could give a quick tutorial on these if anyone is interested.

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